100% self-service and FREE! No programming! No contract! No payments!

Add FREE mobile commerce and delivery to your business!

What is mobile commerce? Mobile commerce, also known as "m-commerce", is the use of wireless handheld devices like cellphones and tablets, to conduct commercial transactions online, including the purchase and sale of products, online banking and bill paying. The engagement of m-commerce activity is on the climb. According to market research company Forrester Research, mobile commerce sales in the United States were an estimated $200+ billion in 2017 – investopedia.com

If you own a small business – restaurant, flower retail store, shoe store, liquor store, small market, etc. – we have created a complete and nicely integrated mobile commerce and delivery platform for you.

And IT'S FREE, except a card transaction fee* that will be automatically retained from each payment

(*) STRIPE will keep 2.9% + $0.30 per successful charge for the processing of card transactions

If you don't have a real store but are still looking for a FREE m-commerce and delivery platform so you can sell your products, you should continue to read, you are a few steps away from having your own online mobile commerce and delivery presence!


Store Management

You can just walk through your products and very simply add them to your online store with descriptions, pictures and other information

With 3 mobile apps and a solid server hosted by Google, we have developed a fully integrated m-commerce (mobile commerce) and delivery "STORES" platform for your small business

Order Management

This is used to handle your orders, from initial reception, to preparation, and their real-time tracking on a delivery map that shows all your deliveries

"STORES" combines SIMPLICITY and ELEGANCE, offering you a very robust and complete mobile commerce and delivery solution, so you can sell and deliver your products to your clients

Client Management

When clients buy your products, they will be informed in real-time about their orders. And you don't need to do anything, we take care of everything so your clients stay informed and don't need to call

– SIMPLICITY of a complete mobile commerce and delivery platform, 100% self-service and Do It Yourself, as we have created tutorial videos so you can take care of everything from the initial sign-up, to the online placement of your products and the daily operation of your online store

Delivery Management

With this optional feature you can manage your own delivery team, small or large. Each driver will use a specialized mobile app so you can optimize your next deliveries following them on a delivery map

– ELEGANCE of combining together an integrated solution addressing all your needs: Store Management, Order Management, Client Management, and Delivery Management


3 connected SHOP / SHOPPER / SHIPPER Mobile Apps described below
1 Server powered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and integrated with
Google Maps (navigation system)
SendGrid (email system)
Stripe (payment system)
Twilio (text messaging system)

1) With SHOP app, YOU (business owner) will:

  • build your online store
  • invite your clients to buy your products
  • receive your clients' orders in real-time
  • manage your clients' orders from their reception to their delivery
  • automatically inform your clients with email and SMS about the status of their orders
  • track and optimize your field operations
  • monitor in real-time all your delivery drivers on an electronic map controlled with GPS
  • promote your products with daily deals
  • use an integrated rewards program
  • create loyalty and repeat sales

2) With SHOPPER app, your CLIENTS will:

  • navigate through your catalog of online products
  • add products to their shopping carts
  • checkout and pay with their credit/debit card (Amex, Discover, MasterCard, Visa) or with cash on delivery
  • see your daily deals and add them to their carts
  • search for products
  • see their current or past orders
  • invite their friends and family to your online store
  • redeem their rewards points during checkout
  • track their orders with an acurate Distance To Arrival information using GPS
  • communicate with you with their smartphones

3) With SHIPPER app (optional - see NOTE below), your DRIVERS will:

  • be assigned with orders to deliver
  • find the best delivery route to destination and avoid the traffic
  • help you optimize your field operations
  • provide you with accurate information for your next deliveries
  • provide feedback about their delivery experience

NOTE: SHIPPER app is optional, you don't have to use it if you don't have a delivery crew (for instance if you ship your products using postal services or if your clients come and pickup their purchases, etc.)



You can go through the following steps at your own pace and without any interaction with us (but if you still need some help, you can always contact us at contact-us@omtreksoft.com or use the Contact page to send us a message, we will be happy to help you)

PRE-REQUISITE : You just need an iPad to build your online store – we have selected the best in class mobile device iPad for your professional use. Your clients will use their iPhone/iPad and Android smartphones to buy your products.

1. You can skip this step if you have already an active STRIPE account. Otherwise, you need to CREATE a STRIPE account. Watch this "Tutorial 1 – How to create a new STRIPE account" for a step-by-step instructions on how to create and activate a new STRIPE account:

2. If you are already on your iPad, just tap on the button below to download and install our SHOP app, then come back to this page and continue at the next step 3:

If you are not on your iPad, use this QR-Code to download and install SHOP mobile application on your iPad. This will be your Store Control Center from where you will be managing all your products, clients, orders, deliveries, promotions, etc. Here are some instructions on how to use the QR-Code:

  • Use your iPad camera just to view the QR-Code
  • A notification banner WEBSITE QR CODE Open "l.ead.me" in Safari will get displayed
  • Tap on that notification banner
  • A web page will invite you to Add Mobile E-Commerce and Delivery to your business
  • On that page, tap on Download on the App Store
  • In the next pop-up message, tap on Open to go to the App Store
  • In the App Store, tap on GET to download and install the SHOP app on your iPad

3. Now you need to CREATE your store. After launching SHOP app on your iPad, complete the NEW STORE SIGN-UP page (green screen). To complete the form, you need to enter a Store Name, a Contact name, an Email address, create a Password, and provide your store location. Then, tap on the REGISTER NEW STORE button. You will immediately receive a verification email. Please check your email inbox (and also your junk box!), and click on the link contained in that email, which will create your online store, ready to be populated with your products (see step 6). IMPORTANT: the verification email contains also your own STORE CODE, made of 6 letters. Please SAVE IT as you will need it to log into your store with SHOP app and every time you will install the SHOP app on a new iPad. Watch "Tutorial 3 – How to Sign-Up (Register) a New Store" for more details:

4. Now that you are logged into your online store, for a quick animation tour of e-commerce and delivery features offered by "STORES" platform, please watch this short video "Tutorial 4 – What can you do with STORES ?":

5. At this point, you have already an active STRIPE account (step 1), created and logged into your online store (step 3), and had a quick tour of the "STORES" platform (step 4). Now you need to connect your store to your STRIPE account so that all card payments made by your clients when buying your products can be transferred to your bank account. Watch this "Tutorial 5 – How to connect your online store to your active STRIPE account":

6. Now you need to ADD CONTENT to your online store, which is about adding products with descriptions, pictures, prices, quantities, and other information. Watch this "Tutorial 6 – How to build your online store with "STORES" e-commerce and delivery platform" for more details:

7. Once your online store has enough products and is ready to be used by your clients, you can INVITE them to download our SHOPPER app and buy your products. Watch "Tutorial 7 – How to invite your clients to your store" for more details:


SHOP APP – this app is for you and your store employees:
  • Made for all iPads

SHOPPER APP – this app is for your clients:
  • Made for all Android smartphones
  • Made for all iPhones and iPads

SHIPPER APP – this app is for your delivery drivers:
  • Made for all iPhones and iPads

Shop with unlimited number of:
  • Departments
  • Sections
  • Products
  • Clients
  • Sales
  • Deliveries
  • Card payments
  • Cash on delivery payments
  • Emails
  • Text messages

Orders with complete workflow, transitioning between these states:
  1. New
  2. Being Prepared
  3. Ready for Delivery
  4. Accepted by Driver
  5. In-Transit
  6. Delivered
  7. Completed
  8. Not Delivered
  9. Cancelled

Real-time delivery tracking:
  • GPS tracking of each driver's location and route to delivery destination on Google Maps
  • Distance to arrival information displayed in SHOPPER app

Deals program:
  • Buy X items get Y items free
  • Percentage off regular price
  • Campaign start and end

Rewards program:
  • Points rewarded
  • Points redeemed

Payment options offered to your clients in their SHOPPER app:

  • STRIPE automatically charges 2.9% + $0.30 per successful payment
  • Unlimited Cash on Delivery payments
  • Multiple cost of delivery calculations
  • Multiple tax calculations